What's the YOLO diet you ask?   Exactly what it sounds like... a "diet" based on the YOLO concept.  You only live once, so (within reason) eat what you want.

95% of the time, follow these healthy, well balanced concepts:
1.  Enjoy LEAN meats.  Hormone and preservative free are best.  Sorry, but bacon doesn't really fit in here.
2. Veg out.  Literally.  Eat yourself silly as far as veggies are concerned.  The more colors you can incorporate into your diet, the better.  You really need at least 5 servings of varied veggies daily to meet minimal recommendations. 
3. Get fruity.  Enjoy your favorite fruits, especially if you're craving sweets.  I love having berries and/or cherries for dessert and apples for snacks.  Keep in mind that fruit contains sugar... albeit natural sugar, it's still high in calories and can drive up your blood glucose.  That being said, comparatively speaking, it's way better for your than "junk" food sweets, especially those with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).  Fruit also contains many vitamins and minerals... can't go wrong there. A quick google search for the nutrition info of your favorites can let you know how many calories, how much sugar, and what nutrients they contain.
4. Gobble those grains!  WHOLE grains that is!  Rolled oats, whole wheat, brown rice, rye, barley, etc...  Low-glycemic, whole grains are packed with nutrients.  Carbs are part of a well-balanced diet, and they will help keep you happy (seriously)! Don't believe me?  Read my post about carbs and ketosis.
5. Avoid white pasta, white bread, and white rice.  These things are highly processed, high in calories, and very low in nutrients.  
6. Avoid fried foods.  They're literally soaked in fat.  Frying oils can contain upwards of 100 calories per teaspoon.  Wowee!  

So where does this YOLO business come into play?  Yes, it's important to be healthy, and yes, we all want that fit, hot bod, but I promise nobody lays on their death bed wishing they would have eaten more lettuce and ran more.  You lay there and wish you would have had that darn cupcake that looked so great!  We are given ONE shot at this crazy thing called life.  There are no do overs.  There are no take backs.  Take care of the body that you've been given... you can't trade it in for a newer, less abused model.  Don't deprive yourself of the things you love, and that make you happy.  Pick a couple of non-negotiables.  For me, one is snickerdoodle cookies from Tiff's Treats at work (they're delivered hot and fresh).  Whenever someone orders them for us, I'll eat ONE.  Yes, I could totally eat a half dozen, but I enjoy one.  I don't eat the bundt cakes or the donuts or other random pastries that come into our unit almost daily.  Cheesecake Factory cheesecake is another must on birthdays and anniversaries.  What's more indulgent?  About once a week, I'll enjoy a kid portion dessert.  A small sundae from Dairy Queen, a small gelati from Rita's, or maybe even a candy bar.  Enjoy your favorite meals, but limit them to about once a month.  I LOVE Italian food, and there's this authentic, family owned joint right around the corner.  Their tortellini is to die for.  If you ate it all the time, you literally would die from a heart attack.  When I do it, boy do I enjoy it.  When you indulge, take it slow.  First, appreciate the appearance of the food.  Then take a few deep breaths and inhale all the fabulous aromas.  Take the first bite and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds.  Taste all the flavors.  Eat slow and savor every bite.  

A "diet" without forbidden foods isn't setting you up for failure.  Success and change are made once choice at a time.  Keep a journal of how foods make you feel.  This can really alter what you eat.  For example, I LOVE the taste and texture of those fluffy, frosted sugar cookies from the grocery store, but every time I eat them, they make my blood sugar skyrocket and I get a miserable, pounding headache.  It's not worth it to me.  They have 180 calories and make me feel like crap for hours after 5 minutes of good flavors.  Don't beat yourself up for a "bad" decision.  For each "bad" decision you make, counterbalance it with at least 5 great ones.  No guilt here... after all YOLO!

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